Table of Contents

Preface / Yuri Quintana, Aubrey Van Kirk Villalobos and Dorothy May.
Conference program advisory committee.
Global health trends in cancer and chronic diseases.
The global need for education on cancer and health / Eric D. Perakslis and Yuri Quintana.
Improving survival of children with cancer worldwide: the St. Jude International Outreach Program approach / Raul C. Ribeiro.
2011 United Nations Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases / Julie Torode.
2011 United Nations Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases: coming together as one voice for the children / Kate Armstrong and Amy Eussen.
Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign: improving the lives of cancer patients while increasing global awareness of their needs / Pat Garcia-Gonzalez and Erin L. Schwartz.
Human papillomavirus vaccination and the primary prevention of cancer: implications for survivors of childhood cancer / James L. Klosky, Rebecca H. Foster, Jason Hodges, Courtney Peasant, Heather Gamble, Michael J. McDermott and Preeti Rao.
New approaches to health communication.
Effective strategies for implementation and evaluation of public e-health innovations / Nancy M. Lorenzi and Kim M. Unertl.
eHealth promotion and social innovation with youth: using social and visual media to engage diverse communities / Cameron D. Norman and Andrea L. Yip.
Game design and e-health: serious games put to the test / Oscar Garcia Pañella.
M-health: can chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients use mobile phones and associated software to self-manage their disease? / Elizabeth Borycki.
Understanding IT-enabled social action networks: construction, sustainability, and user participation / M. Shane Banks.
Advances in health informatics education: educating students at the intersection of health care and information technology / Andre Kushniruk, Elizabeth Borycki, Brian Armstrong and Mu-hsing kuo.
Toward a framework for personalized web-based training for healthcare providers in low-income countries / Sandra M. Richardson.
Cancer education programs.
Cure4Kids for Kids: school-based cancer education outreach / Aubrey Van Kirk Villalobos, Yuri Quintana and Raul C. Ribeiro.
Cure4Kids for Kids: preliminary results on evaluating knowledge acquisition and knowledge retention / Yuri Quintana, Aubrey Van Kirk Villalobos, Zhenghong Li, Deo Kumar Srivastava and Raul C. Ribeiro.
Capturing the emotional geographies of school professionals working with children with cancer / Ruth Rechis.
Working toward cancer and healthy living education around the world: the experience at La Salle Campus Barcelona / Tallulah Forrest.
An interactive way of learning about cancer and healthy living in a multicultural setting (part one)? / Juan Betancourt, Lucía Fuentes, Ana Cáceres and Silvia Rivas.
A-B-C-1-2-3 Healthy Kids in Tennessee--Let's Eat Well, Play, and Be Aware Every Day: a preliminary report / Cynthia Chafin, M. Jo Edwards, Debbie Morgan, Pam Isom and Don Morgan.
Teenage Cancer Trust education & advocacy program: 'Lets talk about it' a United Kingdom approach / Amy Harding.
Cancer-related knowledge, attitudes, and risk perception among 6th grade students in jordan / R.A. Shihab, N.A. Obeidat, R.K. Bader, A. Shtaiwi, A. Ayub and F.I. Hawari.
Health promotion programs.
Get Fit with the Grizzlies: a community-school-home initiative to fight childhood obesity led by a professional sports organization / Carol Irwin, Richard Irwin, Phyllis Richey, Maureen Miller, Justin Boddie and Teresa Dickerson.
Effectiveness of a hospital school mathematics literacy program / Amalia Neide Covic, Eduardo Kanemoto and Andre Covic Bastos.
Development of the Nutrition4Kids website / Michelle S. Williams.
Glooveth: healthy living, fun and serious gaming / Enric Macías, Oscar García, Pau Moreno, Maria Montserrat Presno and Tallulah Forrest.
Yummy Tricks: a serious game for learning healthy eating habits / Gerard Ingľs-Camats, Maria Montserrat Presno-Rivas, Marc Antonijoan, Oscar Garcia-Panella and Tallulah Forrest. "Over half the deaths from disease in the world are now due to just four chronic conditions.
diabetes, lung diseases, some cancers and heart disease. Health and education are inextricably linked. Developing and delivering effective, scalable and sustainable education programs which lead to real behavioral change would influence some of the common risk factors for these diseases, such as smoking, poor diet and lack of physical activity. This book contains selected papers from the St. Jude Cure4Kids Global Summit, held in June, 2011 at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The aim of this three-day conference was to improve health and science education in classrooms and communities around the world. Leading educators, innovators and pioneers in the field of public health came together in a multidisciplinary forum to explore examples of successful education programs, analyze the challenges in designing effective, scalable and cost-efficient public health education programs and identify strategies, methodologies and incentives for developing future programs capable of yielding large-scale improvements in health outcomes for diverse communities. The papers presented here provide a foundation in the key topics necessary to create future innovative health promotion programs, and will be of interest to all those whose work involves improving health outcomes by means of better and more effective health education"--Publisher's description.