Table of Contents

Embryology, anatomy, and normal histology of the colorectum and appendix / Debra M. Beneck.
Epidemiology of colorectal adenocarcinoma / Karen Curtin.
Screening and surveillance for prevention of colorectal carcinoma / Felice H. Schnoll-Sussman, Amir Soumekh, Jasmine Paulino.
Epithelial polyps and inflammatory bowel disease-related dysplasia / Nicole C. Panarelli.
Hamartomatous polyps and polyposis syndromes / Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Handling of colorectal cancer resection specimens / Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Morphologic classification of colorectal epithelial tumors / Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Pathologic staging issues : implementation of the TNM staging system / Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Prognostically important features of colorectal carcinoma / Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Differential diagnosis of colorectal carcinoma / Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Molecular mechanisms of colorectal carcinogenesis / Jinru Shia, Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Practical issues related to ancillary testing of colorectal carcinoma / Wade S. Samowitz.
Microrna expression in colonic adenocarcinoma / Nicole C. Panarelli.
Non-invasive biomarkers and early detection of colorectal cancer / Carl V. Crawford Jr., Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Emerging endoscopic techniques in management of IBD-related neoplasia / Nicole C. Panarelli, Ellen J. Scherl, Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Targeted therapies for the treatment of advanced colorectal carcinoma / Allyson J. Ocean, Romae Palmer, and Manish A. Shah.
Surgical management of stage IV colorectal carcinoma / Michael Kluger, Ser Yee Lee, Daniel Cherqui.
Endocrine cell (carcinoid) tumors of the vermiform appendix / Rhonda K. Yantiss.
Appendiceal mucinous neoplasms and pseudomyxoma peritonei / Joseph Misdraji.
Non-mucinous epithelial tumors of the appendix / Rhonda K. Yantiss.