Table of Contents

Preface; Chapter 1; Nipah Virus: What Has Been Learned since the Discovery of This Deadly Virus Nearly Two Decades Ago?; Abstract; Introduction; Molecular Characteristics; The NiV Genome; NiV N Protein; NiV P, V, W, and C Proteins; NiV M Protein; NiV F Protein; NiV G Protein; NiV L Protein; The NiV Receptor; Pathogeneisis; Humans; Animal Models; Mouse Models; Syrian Golden Hamster Model; Ferret Model; African Green Monkey Model; Innate Immune Evasion; Overcoming the Type I interferon (IFN) Response; Characterizing the STAT1-Binding Domain Large Vessel Vasculitis (LVV)Monitoring and Prognosing GC-Response; Discussion; Research in Hungarian PMR Patients; References; Chapter 3; Fetal Sinus Bradycardia; Abstract; 1. Introduction; 2. Diagnosis of Fetal Bradycardia; 2.1. Fetal Echocardiography; 2.2. Cardiotocography; 2.3. Fetal Magnetocardiography; 2.4. Assessment of Fetal Hear Failure; 3. Management of Fetal Bradycardia; 3.1. Fetal Sinus Bradycardia; 3.2. Fetal AV block; 3.3. Functional Bradycardia; 3.3.1. Premature Contractions; 3.3.2. Long QT Syndrome; Conclusion; Acknowledgments; Declaration of Interest; References; Chapter 4 PathogenesisSynovial/Bursal Based Disorder?; Entheseal/Capsular Based Disease?; Bursal and Entheseal Pathology?; Autoimmunity to Aging Elastic Tissue in PMR?; Diagnosis; Differentiation; Differentiation by Ultrasonography; Versus RA and various Shoulder Disorders; Versus RA and SpA; Versus Polymyalgic EORA; Versus Polymyalgic EORA and EOSpA; Differentiation by Positron Emission Tomography; Versus RA; Versus EORA; Versus Neoplasm; Follow-Up; Follow-Up by Ultrasonography; Monitoring Therapeutic Response; Prognosing GC-Resistance; Follow-Up by Positron Emission Tomography Recombinant NiVs allow for Study of PathogenesisResevoir-Host Relationship; Flying Foxes Are the Reservoir Host of NiV; Ecology Changes and NiV Outbreaks; Transmission; Bat-to-Bat Transmission; Bat-to-Livestock Transmission; Livestock-to-Human Transmission; Bat-to-Human Transmission; Human-to-Human Transmission; Transmission in Animal Models; Prevention; Experimental Vaccines and Therapeutics; NiV Vaccine Candidates; Experimental Therapeutics; Conclusion; References; Chapter 2; Bursitis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica; Abstract; Introduction; Benign Synovitis in PMR; Shoulder Bursitis in PMR The Physiology of Natriuretic PeptidesAbstract; Introduction; Occurrence of Natriuretic Peptides; Mechanical Load and Natriuretic Peptides; Oxygen and Natriuretic Peptides; Paradigm Change; References; Chapter 5; Detoxification of Singlet Oxygen: Raising up Crop Yield and the Clinical Application; Abstract; Introduction; Light Induced Protein Phosphorylation; Isolation of PQ Resistant Mutants; NDPK and Catalase in Arabidopsis; Transit Peptide NDPK2/Catalase1 Interaction; Production of Three Photoreceptors; Malondialdehyde in the Plasma Membrane; Control of Cytosolic Ca2+; Phenotypes of R3-1