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Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing, Engineering and Materials; Preface and Conference Organisation; Table of Contents; Chapter 1: Dynamic Systems, Vibration and Noise, Applied Mechanics; Topology Optimization of Passive Constrained Layer Damping on Plates with Respect to Noise Control; Structure Simulation Analysis of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Device; SRSM-Based Stochastic Model Updating Method; Study on Surface Radiation Noise of a Diesel Engine Based on FEM; Vibration Simulations of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Finite Element Method. Finite Element Analysis of Tandem Rubber O-Ring Sealing Structure at the End of ShaftSimulation and Test for Nonlinear Dynamic Specialty of Rubber Mounting; Synthetical Dynamic Balancing of Mechanism Based on Optimization Simulation; Study on Self-Excited Vibration of Subsoiler-Soil System Based on Modal Analysis; The Research of Damping Adjustable Isolators Control Method; A Three-Dimensional Analysis Method for the Stability against Deep Sliding of Concrete Dam on Rock Foundation with Mud Layers; Study on the Mechanical Properties of Magnetorheological Elastomers. Optimization Design of Locking Mechanisms of Small ArmsThe Research of Pick Cutting Performance Based on the Fake Rock Wall of the Roadheader Experiment Station; Kinematic Analysis of the Slider-Crank Type Cluster well Pumping Unit (SCTCWPU) Based on Pro/Mechanism; The Three-Dimensional Modeling Method of the Deformed Flexspline with Involute Tooth Profiles; Design of Cigarette Universal Code Printing System; Fatigue Strength Check of Flexspline with Inner and Outer Gear Ring of the Micro Harmonic Drive; Study on the Gear Tooth Influence Coefficients of Flexspline of Harmonic Drive. The Analysis of Aerodynamic Characteristics of the High-Speed Train in Different Railway Conditions under CrosswindsAnalysis of the Movement Trajectory of Blasting Flyrock in the Bottom of Open Pits; Research on Aerodynamic Impacts of Snow on Bridge Decks; Research on Influences of Wind Screens on Wind-Resistant Capability for Long Span Suspension Bridges; The Vibration and Modal Analysis of the Disc Brake; The Attenuation Trend of the Propeller Noise; Experimental Study of Short-Term Creep Characteristics Base on Step Loading-Unloading Method for Hard Rock. The Analysis on the Tribological Properties of TPU/PVC Blends under Oil LubricationThe Analysis on the Tribological Properties of CR/EPDM Blends with Chrome-Plated Steel under Dry Sliding; The Residue Harmonic Balance Method for Duffing-Van Der Pol Oscillator with Fractional Derivative; Chapter 2: Design and Modelling in Manufacture, Dynamic Simulation, Machinery and Equipments; Analysis of Flexibility and Stability of Crane Telescopic Boom with Elastic Restraint and Second-Order Effect; The Geneva Mechanism Motion Simulation and Research to Improve the Design Method. Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Forum on Mechanical and Material Engineering (IFMME 2013), June 13-14, Guangzhou, China. The 406 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Dynamic Systems, Vibration and Noise, Applied Mechanics; Chapter 2: Design and Modelling in Manufacture, Dynamic Simulation, Machinery and Equipments; Chapter 3: Fluid, Flow Engineering and Control Technology, Aerodynamics, Wind and Heat Engineering; Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering; Chapter 5: Material Science and Technology; Chapter 6: Material Processing Technology, Forming, Welding a.