Table of Contents

Physiological barriers in advanced drug delivery.
Solubility and stability aspects in advanced drug delivery.
The role of transporters and efflux system in drug delivery.
Biomaterials in advanced drug delivery.
Strategies of targeted delivery.
Prodrug and bioconjugation.
Nanoscale drug delivery systems.
Stimuli-responsive strategies in advanced drug delivery.
Biomimetic self-assembling nanoparticles.
Protein/peptide drug delivery.
Delivery of nucleic acids.
Delivery of vaccine.
Regulatory considerations and clinical issues in advanced drug delivery.
Advanced drug delivery in cancer therapy.
Advanced drug delivery in cardiovascular diseases.
Recent advances in ocular drug delivery.
Advanced drug delivery against sexual transmitted diseases.
Advanced drug delivery to the brain.
Cell-based therapeutics.
Biomedical applications and tissue engineering of collagen.
Molecular imaging of drug delivery.