Table of Contents

Intro; Contents; Exploitable Strategies in Adrenal Steroid Antagonism; Structural Characteristics of Antagonists for Gluco and Mineralo Corticoids; 11 Beta-Substituted 19-Norsteroids: At the Crossroads between Hormone Agonists and Antagonists; RU 38486: An Original Multifaceted Antihormone in Vivo; The Molecular Basis of the Antagonism between Bacterial Endotoxin and Glucocorticoids; Modulation of Rat Liver Glucocorticoid Receptor by Inhibitors; Similarity and Dissimilarity in Regulatory Mechanism by Cytoplasmic Modulators between Glucocorticoid and Other Steroid Receptors Cellular Antagonists of Glucocorticoid Receptor BindingGlucocorticoid Receptor Domains and Antiglucocorticoids; Steroid Hormone Agonist and Antagonist Action in Relation to Receptor Conformation; Synthetic and Naturally Occurring Antagonists of Adrenal Steroid Action on Brain and Behaviour; Structure-Activity Relationship of Spironolactone Derivatives; Clinical Pharmacology of the Spirolactones; The Use of Steroid Inhibitors in the Management of Patients; Blood Pressure Patterns and Corticosteroid Concentrations in Rats Immunized to Corticosterone; Author Index; Subject Index