Table of Contents

Increasing the rationality of coverage decisionmaking.
Strengthening the connection between evaluative research and coverage decisionmaking / Lucian L. Leape.
Manufacturers' responses to the increased demand for outcomes research / Ann K.M. Marshall.
Paying for evaluative research / Alan M. Garber, Douglas K. Owens.
Health care reform: some reflections on technology / Susan Bartlett Foote. Setting the stage.
Introduction / Gerald D. Laubach, Annetine C. Gelijns, Holly V. Dawkins.
Nature of technological change: incentives matter! / Burton A. Weisbrod.
Impact of technology assessment on decisions by health care providers and payers / Bryan R. Luce, Ruth E. Brown.
Provider decisionmaking.
Role of the hospital in the acquisition of technology / Gerard F. Anderson, Earl P. Steinberg.
Physicians' decision regarding the acquisition of technology / A. Mark Fendrick, J. Sanford Schwartz.
Third party payer coverage decisions.
Decisionmaking in the health care. Technology Assessment, Biomedical financing administration / Kathleen A. Buto.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association initiatives in technology assessment / Susan Gleeson.
Kaiser Permanente's new technology committee: coverage decisionmaking in a group model health maintenance organization / Paul D. Lairson.
Autologous bone marrow transplantation: a microcosm of the U.S. health care system / William T. McGivney.
Technology assessment, benefit coverage and the courts / Lee N. Newcomer.