Table of Contents

Addiction treatment and recovery careers.
Integrating addiction treatment and mutual aid recovery resources.
Processes that promote recovery from addictive disorders.
Recovery management: what if we really believed that addiction was a chronic disorder?.
Introduction: the theory, science, and practice of recovery management.
Recovery management checkups with adult chronic substance users.
Assertive continuing care for adolescents.
Long-term trajectories of adolescent recovery.
Residential recovery homes/oxford houses.
Continuing care and recovery.
Recovery-focused behavioral health system transformation: a framework for change and lessons learned from Philadelphia.
Connecticut's journey to a statewide recovery-oriented health-care system: strategies, successes, and challenges.
Implementing recovery management in a treatment organization.
Peer-based recovery support services within a recovery community organization: the CCAR experience.
The physician health program: a replicable model of sustained recovery management.
Recovery management and the future of addiction treatment and recovery in the USA.