Table of Contents

Cover; Contents; List of Contributors; Foreword; An introduction to acute mental health care: from acute concerns to the capable practitioner; Chapter 1.
Acute psychiatric in-patient assessment; Chapter 2.
Measuring health and social functioning using HoNOS; Chapter 3.
Social inclusion and acute care; Chapter 4.
Strategies for surviving acute care; Chapter 5.
Case management: perspectives of the UK and US systems; Chapter 6.
Integrated care pathways: the 'acute' context; Chapter 7.
Risk assessment and management in acute mental health care; Chapter 8.
Observation. Recent mental health policy has focused on developing community-based services, while the reality remains that patients experiencing acute episodes of illness are mainly cared for in hospital. Acute Mental Health Nursing has been developed as a guide to the core knowledge and skills required for working in inpatient settings.