Table of Contents

Normal biliary physiology and anatomy.
Pathophysiology of gallstones.
History of medical and surgical management of acute cholecystitis.
The diagnosis of acute cholecystitis.
The use of imaging in gallbladder disease.
The use of routine and selective intraoperative cholangiography.
Non-operative management of acute cholecystitis.
Surgical management of acute cholecystitis.
Robotic cholecystectomy.
Infectious considerations in complicated acute cholecystitis.
Gallstone pancreatitis.
Management of acute cholecystitis patient in the critically ill patient.
Damage control techniques in acute cholecystitis.
Indications for and considerations surrounding interval cholecystectomy.
The utility of endoscopic techniques in simple and complicated acute cholecystitis.
Acalculous cholecystitis.
Gallbladder cancer presenting as acute cholecystitis. This text covers all aspects of the current diagnosis and treatment of acute cholecystitis. Different diagnostic tests are discussed as well as the preoperative evaluation needed to initiate treatment. Other sections include the management of acute cholecystitis in the critically ill and elderly patients, recent advances in operative strategies that have further altered the treatment of acute cholecystitis, and the utilization of routine intraoperative cholangiography and its relative merits. ℗ℓ Primarily intended for general surgeons and residents training in general surgery, Acute Cholecystitis will also serve as a comprehensive reference material for other health care providers, including primary care providers, mid-level nurse practitioners, emergency room physicians and medical students. ℗ℓ.