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Cover; Contents; Foreword; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1 What is acne?; 2 What causes acne?; 3 You and your doctor; 4 Treatment from your GP; 5 Specialist treatments; 6 The physical scars; 7 Emotional scars; 8 Complementary and alternative treatment; 9 Sex, growing up and practical concerns; 10 Skin-care; 11 Research and future treatments; Glossary; Appendix 1 Useful Addresses; Appendix 2 Useful Publications; Index. Acne is the most common chronic skin condition of adolescents, affecting up to 95% of boys and 85% of teenage girls. It tends to begin at puberty, and while for most people it tends to go away by the time they reach their mid-20s, some people may continue to have the disorder until they reach their 40s or 50s.