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"Acne is a common ailment for teenagers but can persist well into middle age. Although the formation of comedones in hair follicles is quite well understood, the actual causes initiating the process are less well so. Many theories have been forwarded, from hormones through cleanliness to diet, none of which fully explain the condition. Indeed the variation in presentation and classification (there are three acnes) can make precise diagnosis troublesome. It is likely the causes are multifactorial, and evidence is accruing for all the above contributors.Many books have focused on the straightforward pathophysiological processes of hormones and cleanliness but have neglected the contribution of diet as a possible guide to prevention and other medical approaches to treatment. This book will take more catholic view, with a practical focus on all the possible modes of treatment based on current pathophysiological knowledge.The aim of the book is to assemble the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle so that the resulting picture will be comprehensible to physicians and other caregivers, and identify what is known and what needs more investigation"--Provided by publisher.