Table of Contents

Ch. 1. Understanding the dynamics of change in the health care arena.
pt. I. Episodes of policy change.
Ch. 2. The establishment of the welfare state in the health care arena.
Ch. 3. The reforms of the 1990s.
Ch. 4. Institutions, ideas, interests, actors, and the accidents of policy episodes.
pt. II. The distinctive logics of national systems.
Ch. 5. The United States: the logic of the mixed market.
Ch. 6. Britain: the logic of corporatism meets the internal market.
Ch. 7. Canada: the logic of the single-payer system.
Ch. 8. Conclusion. Looks at the USA, Britain and Canada to offer an international comparative study of public policy systems, as well as a recent history of the evolution of each national health care system. The book explores what drives change and why certain changes occur in some nations and not in others.