Table of Contents

Acceptance and mindfulness for youth: it's time / Steven C. Hayes and Laurie A. Greco.
Third-wave behavior therapies for children and adolescents: progress, challenges, and future directions / Karen M. O'Brien, Christina M. Larson, and Amy R. Murrell.
Assessment of acceptance and mindfulness processes in youth / Lisa W. Coyne, Daniel Cheron, and Jill T. Ehrenreich.
Treating anxiety with mindfulness: mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for children / Randye J. Semple and Jennifer Lee.
Acceptance and commitment therapy for pediatric chronic pain / Rikard K. Wicksell and Laurie A. Greco.
Dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents with borderline features / Kristen A. Woodberry, Rosemary Roy, and Jay Indik.
Mindfulness-based stress reduction for school-age children / Amy Saltzman and Philippe Goldin.
Acceptance and commitment therapy for childhood externalizing disorders / Michael P. Twohig, Steven C. Hayes, and Kristoffer S. Berlin.
Acceptance, body image, and health in adolescence / Laurie A. Greco ... [et al.].
Mindful parenting: an inductive search process / Robert Wahler, Katherine Rowinski, and Keith Williams.
Integrating acceptance and commitment therapy into pediatric primary care / Patricia J. Robinson.
The role of the behavioral consultant in promoting acceptance in the schools / Leslie J. Rogers ... [et al.].