Interlibrary loans and Document Delivery

Through interlibrary services, users can obtain copies, documents and loans from collaborative partners if Terkko’s own collections lack a desired publication. Delivery times, modes and costs vary according to the request of the person placing the order.

Ways to order materials

The following are direct ways of placing your order. No registration is required.

  • The WWW form is perhaps the most convenient option.
  • Email. Orders by email may be sent to: hulib-ill [ ät ]
  • Telephone: +358-2941-26665. Phone service is available during regular office hours.
  • Fax. Is it easiest for you to send your request by fax? The fax number is: (09) 2410 385. (Faxes are considered express orders, and the express surcharge will be applied.)
  • Mail. Filled-in interlibrary-service forms or reference lists may be mailed to: Terkko / Kaukopalvelu, PL 16, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto.
  •  While visiting the LIbrary. You may also complete an order form at the library.
  • HUPS - Helsinki University Packet Service (Helsinki University and HUCH staff)

Forms and terms of delivery

Regular orders are sent by first-class mail. Materials ordered by businesses and departments will be delivered to the ordering address. Interlibrary loans reserved by private individuals must be picked up at Terkko. Article copies will be sent to the address indicated by the client.

Rush orders will be delivered within 24 hours and will include an express surcharge price list. NOTE: All article copies requested by fax are considered express deliveries, and the express surcharge will be applied.

Article copies from Terkko’s own collections may also bedelivered in the following ways:

  • By email as PDF files (only for libraries). The PDF files are scanner copies made at Terkko. Recipients must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to open the files.
  • By Internet using Ariel for Windows or as an Ariel MultiPage TIFF file. Copyright statutes and provisions will be observed in producing the copies. Digital copies are intended to be printed on paper. The recipient must destroy the digital file immediately after printing. The invoice is always sent later to the billing address indicated by the ordering party. The work will be invoiced according to the Terkko pricelist in force at the time.
  • Service fees 
Contact person: Asko Huotarinen Alternative ways (for libraries) to make a request from Terkko’s own collections
  • Ariel. If you use the Internet software Ariel, you may send your order to the following IP address: (Only for libraries)