Table of Contents

The physics of ultrasound / Graham Arthurs.
Coronary artery stents : management in patients and undergoing non-cardiac surgery / C.S. Moore and S.J. Leslie.
Anaesthesia and enhanced recovery for colorectal surgery / C.J. Peden and C.P. Newell.
The unanticipated difficult airway : the can't intubate, can't ventilate scenario / Mansukh Popat.
Analgesia for abdominal surgery / Alex Grice, N.J. Boyd, S.N. Marshall.
Analgesic regimens for children / Glyn Williams.
The unstable cervical spine / Michelle Leemans, Ian Calder.
Obstetric haemorrhage / David Levy.
Anaesthesia for patients undergoing hip fracture surgery / Richard Griffiths.
E-learning anaesthesia / Andrew Macindoe and Ed Hammond.
Consent and the explanation of risk in anaesthesia / Stuart White.