Table of Contents

The ocean-sea ice-atmosphere system of the Hudson Bay complex / D.B. Stewart and D.G. Barber.
Changing sea ice conditions in Hudson Bay, 1980-2005 / K. Hochheim, D.G. Barber, and J.V. Lukovich.
Importance of eating capelin : unique dietary habits of Hudson Bay beluga / T.C. Kelley ... [et al.].
Migration route and seasonal home range of the northern Hudson Bay narwhal (Monodon monoceros) / K.H. Westdal, P.R. Richard, and J.R. Orr.
Polar bear ecology and management in Hudson Bay in the face of climate change / E. Peacock ... [et al.].
The rise of killer whales as a major Arctic predator / S.H. Ferguson, J.W. Higdon, and E.G. Chmelnitsky.
Hudson Bay ringed seal : ecology in a warming climate / M. Chambellant.
Past, present, and future for bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) in northwest Hudson Bay / J.W. Higdon and S.H. Ferguson.
Effects of climate change, altered sea-ice distribution and seasonal phenology on marine birds / M.L. Mallory ... [et al.].
Temporal trends in beluga, narwhal and walrus mercury levels : links to climate change / A. Gaden and G.A. Stern.
Hudson Bay ecosystem : past, present, and future / C. Hoover.
Population genetics of Hudson Bay marine mammals : current knowledge and future risks / S.D. Petersen, M. Hainstock, and P.J. Wilson.
Understanding and managing wildlife in Hudson Bay under a changing climate : some recent contributions from Inuit and Cree ecological knowledge / D. Henri, H.G. Gilchrist, and E. Peacock.
The future of Hudson Bay : new directions and research needs / M.L. Mallory, L.L. Loseto, and S.H. Ferguson.