Table of Contents

Decoupled payments and a triad of policy objectives: compensation, farm income support and multifunctionality / Alan Swinbank.
Direct payments in the EU and their treatment in the WTO / Alan Swinbank.
Compensation proposals for EU farm policy reform / Jonathan Little, Thomas Knapp, Miguel Sottomayor and Alan Swinbank.
A bond scheme to facilitate CAP reform / Alan Swinbank and Stefan Tangermann.
From CAP to CARPE : embedding the bond scheme proposal in a comprehensive reform / Leonardo Costa, Arlindo Cunha, Américo Mendes, and Miguel Sottomayor.
Why a bond scheme was not adopted in 1992 / Carsten Daugbjerg.
Implementing a bond scheme / Alan Swinbank, Jonathan Little, Thomas Knapp, and Miguel Sottomayor.
Asking farmers about their response to the proposed bond scheme / Richard Tranter, Leonardo Costa, Thomas Knapp, Jonathan Little, and Miguel Sottomayor.
A role for direct payments? the Doha Round, EU enlargement and prospects for CAP reform / Arlindo Cunha.